Diaper Bag Backpack Review

When I found out I was pregnant with a “surprise” 4th baby, one of my first thoughts was, “But I just got rid of all my baby stuff!” I needed to replace almost EVERYTHING, including the ever-essential diaper bag.

I knew from my previous experience with diaper bags that the backpack style is the only way to go. With children, being hands-free is of the utmost importance. I purchased this diaper bag backpack and am so happy with the thoughtful and convenient features built into this diaper bag.

First of all, the color of this bag is sleek and my husband would not hesitate to wear it (much better than my previous floral print diaper bag!). This bag has an easily accessible insulated front pouch which can fit three bottles. It also has a wide opening at the top, which allows me to fit and find things easily. There are a ton of pockets inside to fit extra outfits, toys, pacifiers, etc. You can NEVER have too many pockets!

One of my absolute favorite features is the wipe/tissue pocket on the side with the built-in slit on it, so you can quickly pull out a wipe or tissue without having to dig in your bag. I also LOVE the back zipper pocket that gives access to the bottom of the diaper bag without having to dig through the stuff on top. Why does every diaper bag not have this feature?!

This diaper bag also features a button clasp on top which allows the bag to be held as a handbag or be attached to a stroller when you don’t need to wear it. It does not come with a built-in changing pad, but that is easily remedied by sticking a portable changing pad in the very roomy interior.

I am VERY happy with this bag and now I know that having baby #4 is going to be a piece of cake (right?).

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