Punishment/Restrictions & full filling the time frame

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What’s the best way to stick with the Full punishment/grounded/restrictions, when your child is 12 & has disobeyed or done something for grounds of punishment. I have a hard time sticking to the full time period of the original restrictions (phone & Xbox).The phone is the main thing I give in on. For example she was put on restriction 2 weeks ago for 2 months because I found that she had been looking up incredibly, inappropriate things for a 22 year old or even a teen ager. I let her use her phone for 2 hours as a Valentine’s day gift to talk to family and friends, & she has been using it ever dice. So she actually only full filled 2 weeks of the 2 months I know I’m the parent but I have a hard time following through with large time frames of restriction because as a child I was put on restriction for 6 months at a time in several cases, for making a low A on my report card & thing s that weren’t really grounds for punishment. Any advice?

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